Techno Roof Combo System
Polyurethane Spray Waterproofing Application is a German Technology for roof. TEchnoroof Combo system provides an enormous and seamless thermal insulation cum water proofing with extreme thermal resistance which meets the latest Muncipal thermal insulation standards and estidama requirements.

Site Preparation
To start Technoroof Combo System (All what we requires at site)

• A complete clean roof slab
• Water outlets to be fixed in position (35 mm above slab level)
• Skirting area, 20 cm without plaster from the slab level.
• Electricity and water should be provided by main contractor.

Other Advantages of Technoroof Combo System

• Cost effective
• Reduces electricity consumption
• Load bearing capacity 2 ton/m2
• Eases repair & maintenance works
• Non-requirement of roof tiles
• Joint free water proofing & thermal Insulation
• Time saving procedures