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Combo System

Techno Roof Combo System
Technoroof Combo System Waterproofing Application provides many benefits to building owners, including waterproofing, insulation value, superior strength, light weight, durability, uplift wind resistance, seam-free barrier against the elements and longevity.

The application involves spraying polyurathane foam which expands 20 times its original liquid volume to form a hard, closed-cell monolithic roof surface. Polyurethane foam dries within seconds after it is applied to the roof surface, resulting in a weather-tight roofing membrane that is fully adhered to the substrate. The chemical has excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, including metal, wood, concrete, modified bitumen, asphalt shingle, clay tile, and the hard foam itself.

Site Preparation
To start Technoroof Combo System (All what we requires at site)

• A complete clean roof slab
• Water outlets to be fixed in position (35 mm above slab level)
• Skirting area, 20 cm without plaster from the slab level.
• Electricity and water should be provided by main contractor.

Other Advantages of Technoroof Combo System

• Cost effective
• Reduces electricity consumption
• Load bearing capacity 2 ton/m2
• Eases repair & maintenance works
• Non-requirement of roof tiles
• Joint free water proofing & thermal Insulation